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Cumulus by Harit Srikhao (Signed)

$55.80 USD

“Cumulus,” a photo-book by Harit Srikhao is published by Bad Eyes, International photo collective and Bangkok based independent publishing house.

The book guides viewers on an exploration of Harit Srikhao’s early work. It compiles photographs, notes, and diary entries from his high school and university years, covering a period from 2009 to 2016.

“Cumulus” captures an eight-year long journey, offering glimpses into the transition from adolescence to adulthood. The images depict moments that resonate with his surroundings and experiences of growing up. Along with images from before and after the major flooding event in 2011 in Bangkok, the book provides a visual connection to Harit’s growth and transformation, emotions and vulnerabilities, and the meaning of family and friendship.

Hard cover
Size: 18 x 25.5cm
Edited and sequences by: Natthaya Thaidecha, Daniel Huete, and Harit Srikhao
Book cover design by Kamonlak Sukchai
Printing technique: Offset printing 4 colors plus 1 special color
Number of pages: 166 pages
Printed and bound by: Naveen Printers, India.

First published in November 2023
Edition of 500 copies